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Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy & More

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Dr Joffe Ellis being interviewed on the Mantz and Mitchell radio program.Click on top right link & download

Dr Joffe Ellis on the Tara Marie Segundo Radio Show

Dr Albert Ellis interviewed on Late Night Live (2002) with Phillip Adams. Please download link then scroll to the 32 minute mark


Dr Joffe Ellis interviewed about Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy:

Dr Joffe Ellis explains REBT:

Public voice salon: Episode No. 100 January 2015, Dr Debbie Joffe Ellis

Description: Salute to TC’s Impact on Psychology: A tribute to Albert Ellis and our Psychology Luminaries

With thanks to Columbia University

The opening of The world’s first Albert Ellis Learning Centre Center

Dr Debbie Joffe Ellis On Park Ave Radio Show speaking about “Are Your Friend’s Making You Fat”.

Dr Debbie Joffe Ellis On the Tara-Marie Segundo show talking about her and her husband, Dr Albert Ellis’ book:Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Unconditional Acceptance

Dr Debbie Joffe Ellis speaking about REBT in the group setting in New York 1

Debbie in New York 2
Debbie in New York 3
Debbie in New York 4
Debbie in New York 5
Debbie in New York 6


Dr Debbie Joffe Ellis on The Tar-Marie Segundo show “Conquering Addiction”.


Dr Joffe Ellis being interviewed about REBT


Dr Albert Ellis speaking about shame, anxiety, depression

Dr Albert Ellis on National Public Radio






Robin Thorburn on Talk Radio, “Ask the Expert”



Robin being Interviewed after his REBT Presentation in Leicester 2011 at The National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy Conference



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